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Saving Life on Earth

We’re working to make the extinction crisis a key issue in the 2020 elections. Together we’ll hold our elected officials accountable for taking immediate action — and we’ll build a powerful coast-to-coast network that pushes the United States to become a leader in the global fight to save biodiversity.

Now is our chance to influence the debate and get candidates on the record committing to take action. That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity released a comprehensive plan, Saving Life on Earth, to outline policies the United States must implement to tackle this crisis.

Join our grassroots campaign to pressure candidates to support these bold stances to combat the extinction crisis and get wildlife lovers to the polls in November.


Sign the petition aimed at the 2020 candidates to get them on board with the plan for Saving Life on Earth.


2. Host a Debate Watch Party

Raise awareness about the extinction crisis with your community.

Host a Party

3. Get Them On The Record

Learn to bird dog candidates and hold them accountable.

Sign Up

4. Join the Digital Pressure Team

Keep the digital pressure on candidates to do something about the extinction crisis.

Take Action


How to Host a Debate Watch Party

All the info you need to host a debate watch party. Educate and mobilize the people in your community to build power and protect life on earth for generations to come.

How to Bird Dog

Read this guide to learn how to make sure that candidates are held accountable on their positions on the extinction crisis.

Fact Sheet: Saving Life on Earth

The United Nations predicts that more than 1 million animal and plant species are on track for extinction in the coming decades. Check out this fact sheet for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read this FAQ to answer questions like: What is the extinction crisis? Why is it happening? Why should people care? What can be done?


Just joining us? Check out this video to get up to speed on the grassroots campaign to Save Life on Earth.


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