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Protect Grizzly Bears

This is the moment to stand up and take action.

Starting September 1, trophy hunters in Wyoming will be gunning down Yellowstone grizzlies. More than 20 could be slaughtered by the end of the fall, including up to 13 females.

How has it come to this? Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke paved the way when they stripped Endangered Species Act protection from these bears last summer.

These grizzly bears are national treasures. Millions of people come to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks to see them each year. But we can’t take them for granted. Grizzlies occupy less than 5 percent of their historic habitat in the lower 48 states, and the Yellowstone ecosystem has been a safe haven for decades.

But with federal protection stripped, Wyoming and Idaho will allow hunters to kill these bears the second they wander out of Yellowstone.

These trophy hunts are cruel and senseless — established just for a few people to mount a bear head on their wall or put a pelt on their floor.

That’s why our nationwide grassroots organizing network of people like you is taking a stand against this cruel hunt.

Join with thousands of activists who are going all in to save Yellowstone’s grizzlies this summer.

If you love wildlife and you love Yellowstone’s grizzlies, this is the moment to stand up and take action.

Brews for Bears

Day of Action Toolkit

We’re holding a National Day of Action for grizzlies on August 7 and we need all hands on deck to send Zinke a strong message: Put grizzlies back on the endangered list to stop these cruel trophy hunts. Here’s everything you need to know to organize an event.

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