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Save the Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration just ripped apart the Endangered Species Act, and we need your help fighting back.

Over the past four decades, the Act has become the single most important law for saving thousands of animals and plants from extinction. It’s the reason the world still contains grizzly bears, wolves, sea turtles and bald eagles. And it’s the reason we still have hope that polar bears won’t be lost to climate change.

We’re mobilizing to call on Congress to stand up to Trump’s gutting of the Endangered Species Act and defend this bedrock environmental law.

You can help right now. Sign up to stand with us in the historic fight ahead. 


Tell your member of Congress to do everything in their power to defend wildlife and uphold the Endangered Species Act in this time of extinction crisis.


2. Call Your Congressperson

Take two minutes to tell Congress: save the Endangered Species Act.

Call Congress

3. Gather Signatures in Your Community

Everything you need to go into your community and start organizing.

Sign Up

4. Take Action on Halloween

Extinction is scary. Join us on social media to raise awareness in the spookiest of holidays.

Take Action


How to Collect Signatures in Your Community

All the info you need educate and mobilize the people in your community to build power, turn the tide on public opinion, and protect life on earth for generations to come.

Petition Delivery Guide

Read this guide to learn how to organize a petition delivery event at your local congressional office.

Fact Sheet: Trump's Attack on the ESA

Trump’s recent changes to the Endangered Species Act will weaken it beyond recognition. Check out this fact sheet for just a glimpse of what the new policies will do.

Fact Sheet: PAW and FIN Act

Get the facts about H.R. 4348, which would restore the Endangered Species Act by voiding the rule changes made by the Trump administration.

Kids Petition

Download this kids version of the Endangered Species Act petition for use in schools, community organizations, or as a family activity.

View a Sample Outreach Script

People cannot participate in change that they don’t know about. Use this script as a guide when talking with people in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download this FAQ sheet to help answer questions like: How bad is it? How can it be stopped? What can I do? Why is the Endangered Species Act so important?

Download a Petition to Print at Home

Get started collecting signatures in your community to protect the Endangered Species Act. Just download this PDF and start talking to your friends and neighbors.


Just joining us? Check out these videos to get up to speed on the grassroots campaign to save the Endangered Species Act.


In this video, Kierán Suckling, the Center’s executive director, joined us on a special national call to discuss what’s at stake and how best we can resist Trump’s attacks.


We’re gearing up for a day of action to ask members of Congress to join them and step up to defend endangered plants and wildlife.


Watch to learn the details of how to lead a successful day of action petition delivery event on Oct. 10 at your local Congressional office


Download these high-res images for use as handheld signs, posters, and banners.
We suggest taking these files to your local print-shop to save on ink, or use the text-only files for print-at-home.

Make an Animal Mask

Download files to make big colorful masks you can wear during your events: owls, bears, jaguars, bears, frogs, and turtles!

Find events near you.

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