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Saving Life on Earth

Our Saving Life on Earth campaign is working to make the extinction crisis a key issue and build a powerful coast-to-coast volunteer network that pushes the United States to become a leader in the global fight to save the planet’s biodiversity.

That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity released a comprehensive plan, Saving Life on Earth, to outline policies the United States must implement to tackle this crisis.

Join our grassroots campaign today and do you part to combat the extinction crisis.


Sign the petition aimed at the 2020 candidates to get them on board with the plan for Saving Life on Earth.


Fact Sheet: Saving Life on Earth

The United Nations predicts that more than 1 million animal and plant species are on track for extinction in the coming decades. Check out this fact sheet for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read this FAQ to answer questions like: What is the extinction crisis? Why is it happening? Why should people care? What can be done?

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

By writing a letter to the editor at your local newspaper, you can help show support for the wildlife and wildlands we love.

Join the Conversation on Slack

Talk to other Center for Biological Diversity volunteers working to create a healthy planet for all living things by joining our Slack Channel.


Just joining us? Check out this video to get up to speed on the grassroots campaign to Save Life on Earth.

CAMPAIGN CALL: March 11, 2020

Conversation on Wildlife and COVID-19


Download these high-res images for use as handheld signs, posters, and banners.
We suggest taking these files to your local print-shop to save on ink.

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