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These are challenging times.

The Trump administration, a hostile Congress, and their corporate cronies present an unprecedented threat to people, wildlife, clean air, water, and our climate.

If we don’t make a stand now, too many species will go extinct, the climate crisis will become unstoppable, and wild lands will be industrialized, polluted and ruined for generations to come.

The Center for Biological Diversity knows that the depth of change that needs to happen is beyond the scope of any one organization. We invite you to take action in your community, build political power by connecting with others, and develop your skills as an agent of change.

Get Involved

Saving Life on Earth

Join the grassroots campaign to make the extinction crisis a key issue in the 2020 elections.

Take Action

Take Action for Black Lives

No matter who you are or where you are, there’s a place for your voice.

Take Action

Together, We Can Win.


Events Hosted


Text Messages Sent


Calls Made

Organize an Event

Create and post an event to the online map to organize and build people power in your community.

Host an Event

Text Others

As a texting volunteer, you’ll have the power to mobilize others to protect our wildlife and wild places.

Start Texting

Make Calls

Use your phone to reach out to people like you, who care about protecting wildlife and wild places.

Join the Call Team

Find events near you.

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